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Resources for Rebuilding Democratic Norms and Institutions in the Post Impeachment Era | Bay Area Democracy Funders

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February, 2020

The presidential year begins amid an historic political impasse at home and continued democratic decline across the globe. Autocrats now run three of the world’s four largest democracies, with systems in the U.S. and India teetering on the brink, according to experts. Yascha Mounk, a leading authority on liberal democracy and the rise of populism, recently wrote: “When they are reelected, populists nearly always become more radical and more dangerous.”

At this program, we addressed the following questions: 

  • What are the common tactics authoritarians use in order to succeed?
  • What are the historical signposts on how we arrived at this dangerous precipice?
  • How can we preserve the norms, institutions and guardrails of our democracy?
  • What is a practical roadmap for renewal? Which organizations are working on them?
  • How can funders participate in rebuilding an enduring democracy now?
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