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Resources from Public Charge: The Policy that Could Change Everything for Immigrant Families

Publication date: 
June, 2018

Earlier this year, leaked drafts of a proposed change to the interpretation of the “public charge” immigration law was widely reported in the national press. The proposal would make it significantly harder for immigrants to become citizens and would threaten the health, stability, and well-being of millions of immigrant families. Already living in a heightened climate of fear, under the proposed regulation, immigrant parents would be faced with the difficult choice of staying on the path to U.S. citizenship or ensuring that their children have healthcare, healthy food, and stable housing. 

In a June 26th program, we hosted a multi-sector group of leaders who are working together to protect the wellbeing of immigrant families and fight against this proposed change to the public charge regulation for a thoughtful discussion on the imporatance of this issue and how funders can be prepared. 


  • Ignatius Bau, independent consultant for community-based organizations, minority physician organizations, state health departments, national health care quality organizations, and foundations on health care reform, health equity, and immigration policy

  • Mayra E. Alvarez, President, The Children's Partnership

  • Tanya Broder, Senior Attorney, National Immigration Law Center

  • Stephen Knight, Director of Policy & Partnerships, Alameda County Community Food Bank

  • Thu Quach, PhD, Chief Deputy of Administration, Asian Health Services

  • Sachi Yoshii, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects, East Bay Community Foundation

Resources from this program can be accessed below.