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Resources from NCG's 2012 Corporate Philanthropy Institute

Publication date: 
June, 2012

Social Impact. Social Change. Social Innovation. People are working in new and different ways to solve the world's most pressing problems: developing businesses with social missions, adopting entrepreneurial strategies to further their community agenda, and engaging entire companies in the work of addressing social problems. We are also seeing increasing numbers of individuals actively engaged in talking about, investigating, exploring, and being directly involved in creating change.

This move towards a collective community and corporate effort to address social issues has significant implications for how companies do business and how they go about their community engagement. What can we learn from these efforts and how might they change the world as we know it? What are the implications for our efforts to support communities, engage volunteers, and strategically invest corporate resources.

At this year's Corporate Philanthropy Institute (CPI) we explored many of the new ideas and concepts in social innovation—from social entrepreneurship to shared value to B corporations. We talked about the different ways they are interpreted and experienced, how corporate philanthropy and citizenship may adapt or change in response, and how we use these approaches and opportunities to build "best in class" programs.

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