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Resources for From Me to We

How do we move a cross-racial set of voters toward believing in and fighting for racial and economic justice? How can narrative change bring us closer to advancing shared opportunity and prosperity for all Californians?  

Nationally-recognized researcher and communications strategist Anat Shenker-Osorio has reframed the debate, leading to progressive victories on a wide range of issues from clean energy to criminal justice reform.  Join us for this special session to hear findings from the empirically tested Race Class Narrative and how it’s been applied to win social justice victories across the country. 

After delving into this groundbreaking research, Anat and partners from the Million Voters Project will present a visionary new narrative framework for California. Hear how organizations and communities across the state are experimenting with and applying this new narrative to build a California for all from the ground up, and learn how philanthropy can play a leading role in moving beyond “us vs. them” by leaning into the transformative potential of a multi-racial and powerful “we.”