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Resources for Funding Hate: A Philanthropist's Guide to Prevention

Philanthropy supports community and policy partners to change hearts and minds and improve quality of life. The solutions funded can be as diverse as the people innovating them, so a critical step in grantmaking is gaining an understanding of the values and belief systems driving an organization’s work.

In a world where a nonprofit “elevator pitch” has become as honed as a startup, due diligence must go beyond verifying tax status to include scrutiny, policies and procedures that screen out hate groups. In particular, we must understand how white nationalist ideology paints itself in terms of freedom and prosperity while, in fact, undermining democratic institutions. This was made clear in a major new report highlighting over a billion dollars in philanthropic funding fueling a bigoted, hate-driven agenda.

In most instances, the mission of foundations and donors expressly commits them to advance public good and funding to hate-based organizations contradicts their purpose. So, what happened and how can we prevent it in the future? With such diverse structures as private foundations, donor-advised funds, and family foundations, whose responsibility is it to look into these questions and how do we make it practical through guidance, policies, and procedures?

In this program, we heard from key players across a variety of philanthropic and community perspectives who have contributed to the thinking about what philanthropy is called upon to do – and how to do it.