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Resources for Funders Briefing | Northern California Wildfires and Public Safety Power Shutoff: Who’s Affected, What’s Needed from Philanthropy

Publication date: 
October, 2019

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The wildfires and the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) in Northern California have caused major disruptions for Bay Area residents. To date, over 180,000 people are displaced from their homes and nearly 1 million are without power. These events burden people with the least access to resources and barrier to mobility including 1) people with disabilities, 2) immigrants and farm workers, 3) low-income residents, and 4) older adults and seniors.

Northern California Grantmakers hosted a webinar on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 with experts to hear about best practices for supporting people with the least access to resources. You can listen to the webinar, find contacts for speakers, read the notes, and find additional resources below. 


Listen to the Webinar        Speaker Contact Information        Webinar Notes



Additional Resources

The following resources are provided by Ingrid Tischer, Trustee at the Awesome Foundation Disability Chapter. They have not been vetted by Northern California Grantmakers.

Grassroots disability justice contact points and resources:
ILC Network Contacts:
Disability rights system reform: