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Resources from Fires: Post-Program and Community Support

Publication date: 
October, 2017

October 17 Funder Call

On October 17th, we were joined by over 150 participants on our funder call with leaders of local community foundations and disaster experts located in the areas most affected by recent Northern California wildfires. We heard a firsthand report of the situation and learned what funders, nonprofits, and government are doing to assist at this stage of the emergency. 

Our Panelists Included: 


You can access a full recording of the call. Skip to 15:30 in the recording for the beginning of the actual call. Listen to the Call Here > 

October 24 Funder Call

For this funder call, we tapped expertise from peer networks to learn from those who've gone before, meet the needs of people who might have otherwise been left out, and to plan for long-term recovery.

Communities responding to the disaster and beginning recovery face questions about the resources for individuals and families. As some families apply for government assistance, many others will find that such assistance is limited or not open to them. The call focused on emerging government assistance opportunities and, equally as important, communities excluded from government assistance programs. Our panel of experts shared an update on the current status of the Northern California fires, assistance programs including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the impact of the fires on vulnerable immigrant communities.

Our Panelists Included:

  • Michael Kern, Voluntary Agency Liaison, FEMA, Region IX
  • Lidia Armas, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator, Recovery Section, California Office of Emergency Services 
  • Trevor Riggen, CEO, Northern California Coastal Region, American Red Cross
  • Daranee Petsod, President, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
  • Christy Lubin, Director, Centro Laboral de Graton/ Graton Day Labor Center


Immigrant-Serving Organizations in the Area

November 14 Funder Call

The fires are finally out. While human needs are still front and center, talk of rebuilding is also underway. In this call, we heard from people outside the centers of power as they envision a community where everyone gets to contribute and everyone stands to gain. 

We learned how one community is developing their platform to meet the long-term needs of the residents. Another speaker shared the story of a newly-formed organization bringing cross-sector stakeholders together to explore human centered design for recovery. Speakers also addressed the opportunity to support the growing Latino community infrastructure as well as a model for community engagement that has worked in other disaster-stricken areas of the country, particularly on affordable housing development. 

Our Panelists Included: 


Stay tuned for a recording of the call.