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Resources for The Ethics of Working With Story

Because stories are powerful, and because they are wholly owned by the person who shares them, we have an ethical obligation to use story in ways that do no harm. Our goal should be to lift, not exploit. Only when we use story ethically can people to be heard, respected, and celebrated.

This workshop goes beyond storytelling, and explores the ethics of asking for stories, attempting narrative change, and collecting, analyzing, and labeling stories. Participants will reflect on, refine, and plan for increasing the ethical approaches to their own work with story. Guided by Thaler’s expertise and facilitation, they will share their own ethical challenges and approaches and offer guidance and inspiration to each other. Our understanding of ethical storytelling is still unfolding as we consider more deeply our own role as storytellers and the people whose stories are being told. This session is designed for communications and program staff and may aid in bridging support for each others’ roles.

Please refer to the following resources to help your communication strageties around mobilization and movement building:

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