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Resources from Crashing the Barriers: Making Work Possible for Everyone

Publication date: 
January, 2018

Despite the recovery of the American economy and national unemployment rates at their lowest levels in years, millions of people who are willing and able to work are excluded from that prosperity.

To address the inefficiencies and challenges of entry into today’s workforce for young people and adults overcoming barriers like incarceration or homelessness, a  unique partnership that was forged in Los Angeles is being replicated in the Bay Area.  The Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise or LA: Rise bridges the gaps in service between local social enterprises, the public workforce system, and private employers to create a pathway to sustainable employment that has proven results.  

REDF, a partner and leader committed to creating employment opportunities and upward pathways for people who face the greatest barriers to work through social enterprises, is partnering with the San Francisco Foundation, Workday, the California Wellness Foundation and others to build on the achievements of LA: RISE, by bringing this innovative ecosystem model to the Bay Area.