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Resources from Collaboration Gone Right: 9 Funders and 69 Nonprofits Make Regional Change Work

Publication date: 
June, 2017

For far too long, communities across the San Joaquin Valley haven’t had access to the same opportunities that make California golden for other regions.  Inspired directly by the voices of San Joaquin Valley Health Fund partners, over 1000 San Joaquin Valley residents came to the capital to advocate for a shared policy agenda that’s an all-in approach for racial and health equity on some of the most pressing issues facing the Valley. They showed the power of funder and community collaborations with their call for “a Golden State for All.”

The program offered a case study of the Fund and how its experiences can be applied more broadly. The program examined the issues of the region, how the collaborative and fund was developed, the challenges of bringing together so many partners under one big tent, lessons learned, outcomes for the region, and opportunities for further collaboration.