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Resources for Bay Area Health Funders Group | The Next Generation: Youth Mental Health

Publication date: 
May, 2020

The lives of youth and families across the Bay Area have dramatically changed in the past month, and adjusting to a new way of learning and living is hard. For young people, being away from schools, friends, and relatives can intensify feelings of isolation and anxiety, which negatively impacts their mental health. Before this crisis, mental health among young people was widespread and undertreated, and many young people who accessed mental health care did so through a school setting. As we emerge from this crisis, our systems that interact with youth will need to work in new ways to support an increased need for mental health services. What are the promising models for partnership and systems change work that can we leverage? What can we learn from Bay Area communities that experienced devastating wildfires, and are supporting their youth as they recover from widespread trauma? 

BAHFG hoested an interactive conversation where funders discussed youth mental health issues, promising solutions, and opportunities for systems change with funders who are deeply engaged in trauma and youth mental health work, as well as with community foundations in the North Bay and Butte County that are supporting youth to recover from trauma after their devastating wildfires.


  • Jovanni Tricerri, Vice President, Regional Recover & Partnerships, North Valley Community Foundation
  • Karin Demarest, Vice President for Community Impact, Community Foundation Sonoma County
  • Elizabeth Hawkins, Senior Manager, Corporate Giving, Genentech
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