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Resources from 2015 Corporate Philanthropy Institute

2015 Corporate Philanthropy Institute | Authenticity  

This year's CPI intended to explore companies’ community engagement efforts to be truly reflective of community interests and needs, but be balanced with business interests—not subjugated to them. It is important for companies to express the good they are trying to achieve in the world clearly, simply, and thoughtfully to their employees, customers, consumers, and communities. Those companies that are creating change for their communities while maintaining this delicate equilibrium are poised to lead the way for the private sector by taking the idea of “doing well by doing good” to the next level.

The  Institute presented by Northern California Grantmakers (NCG) and Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF), explored how companies are going about breathing authenticity and value into corporate engagement efforts. How new models are being created that are responsive to community needs. How partnership and collaboration adds value.  How the simplicity of programming can be a tool for success. And how, in our “post-recession world”, we ensure that we are living our principles.

Resources include presentations and reports related to the conference.

Keep checking back as resources will be continually be updated this week!