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Resilient San Francisco: Stronger Today, Stronger Tomorrow

San Francisco is a world leader in innovation, in social justice advocacy, in livable and sustainable urbanism. As a city, we have a long history of coming together to fight for a better future, not only for our city but the world. Our city also sits at the precipice of great challenges. How can we face these challenges, while becoming more equitable and affordable, stronger and empowered, and also more prepared? How can we look toward San Francisco at 1 million residents, or SF@1M, as we are calling this important milestone, and not only maintain our San Francisco values, but build on them?

RESILIENT-SF is a strategy that seeks to tap into our city’s trademark tenacity by laying out our most pressing challenges and demanding that City government partner with the community to make bold and lasting progress on these challenges. When we think about San Francisco, we think of a city of unwavering strength, a city that is prepared to not only respond but to recover, and a San Francisco of strong and unified neighborhoods, ready to continue reimagining, and striving for the strong and resilient San Francisco of tomorrow.

The Association of Bay Area Governments projects that the population of San Francisco will grow to 1 million, and the Bay Area will grow to 7.2 million residents by 2040. This requires our planning to consider this additional capacity. But San Francisco is growing at a rate that projects 1 million residents by 2040. This idea of San Francisco at 1 million residents (or SF@1M) appears throughout this strategy, and reminds us that we need to consider adding additional capacity when needed and to look for more opportunities to take an integrated approach. We cannot just plan for our needs of today but rather must work together to plan for the needs of a growing population: SF@1M.