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Philanthropic Spend Down: A Retreat Sponsored by the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

This intimate gathering is for board members and senior staff of foundations that are considering or have decided to spend down their assets. Come with concerns and engage with experts and peers to learn about successful approaches and troubleshoot key challenges. Time will be spent in peer learning focused on exits and impact, stakeholder communication, talent development, and family connections, as well as the legacy of learning.
Draft agenda topics:
  • Managing investments in the context of spend down
  • Surprises along the way to sunset
  • Exits and Impact: How to ensure durable impact while exiting
  • Talent development and retention
  • The legacy of learning: Building and sharing knowledge from the experience of exits

Featured Speakers

  • Lauren B. Dachs
  • Barbara Kibbe
  • Lois Mitchell
  • June Wilson

Event Details

October 14: 
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
2440 West El Camino Real, Suite 300
Mountain View, California 94040

October 15:
Taaffe House
26580 Taaffe Road
Los Altos Hills, California

The event hotel has not yet been determined.

Cost: $150

Who: Board members and senior staff of family foundations who are considering or have decided to spend down.

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