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One Part Resilience, Two Parts Grit: The Wildfires One Year Later.

Publication date: 
October, 2018

It was just last October that a firestorm erupted across the North Bay in Sonoma, Napa, Lake, and Mendocino Counties. The most destructive in California history, the fires took lives, homes and livelihoods. While these communities are on the path to recovery, Mendocino and Lake Counties are also coping with more recent fires. 

During this event, we spoke to local leaders to hear where they now stand, what issues are newly emerging, how our colleagues have personally dealt with the challenges, and where help is still needed. They shared what’s currently happening in their communities and the opportunities ahead for recovery. Our conversation focused on learning where support is still needed and the role philanthropy needs to play; hearing about recent reports on the impact of the fire including NCG’s report on the impact of the fire on the arts community; and starting the conversation on the long-term role of philanthropy in an era of annual wildfires and potential disasters.


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