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May Update: Bay Area Health Funders Group

Publication date: 
May, 2017

Take a look at updates on the current state of health care. 

How Foundation Leaders Can Create Impact in the Uncertain U.S. Health Landscape

The current administration’s efforts to repeal key elements of the ACA, along with other policy changes could have devastating effects on the health of individuals and communities. Yet, there is plenty that foundations can do to continue to have deep impact in this ever-changing context.

A Squeaker In The House Becomes Headache For The Senate: 5 Things To Watch 

Democrats in the Senate have made clear they will unanimously oppose the bill and Republicans have their own internal disagreements, too. Five of the biggest flashpoints will be: Medicaid, the increase in the number of uninsured, tax credits, Planned Parenthood and procedural problems with the bill.

Why Blue States Might Ditch Beloved Obamacare Protections 

If there are significant cuts to the federal subsidies for coverage, few, if any, states would be able to fund them on their own.  To keep insurers in the market and bring costs down, state leaders might feel compelled to seek waivers allowing them to cut benefits and charge higher rates for sicker consumers.

Political Theater: How A Bill That Nearly All Opposed Managed To Pass The House

Despite vocal opposition from nearly every major constituency affected by the bill, the vote produced the opposite result.

ACA Repeal Resource Page 

As the debate over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) evolves, CHCF will maintain a list of data resources and emerging analyses, from CHCF and other organizations, on the potential impact on California. 

Our Health Care at Risk: Medi-Cal, Covered California, and the Affordable Care Act 

This fact sheet from Health Access analyzes the AHCA proposal and its impact.

The Healthy California Act (SB562)

Information on the proposal to create a single payer system in California.

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