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Levers For Change: Philanthropy in Select South East Asian Countries

Publication date: 
June, 2014

Asia’s explosive economic growth over the past three decades has led to considerable focus on the impact of economic prosperity on philanthropy in the region.  Unparalleled wealth creation has lifted millions out of poverty, led to a broadening middle class and fostered a rapidly growing population of High net Worth Individuals (HNWI).  Yet, many social challenges persist in countries across the region. Income inequality is rising faster than living standards for the majority, while inequities in access to services and social protections have left many marginalized.

Has philanthropic giving in the region matched the fast pace of wealth accumulation and has that philanthropy been strategic and targeted enough to address the issues of the day?

Levers for Change: Philanthropy in Select South East Asian Countries, examines the extent of strategic philanthropy in four of the largest economies in South East Asia – Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – and explores the role of public policies in shaping institutional philanthropy and influencing the charitable decisions of the regions wealthiest givers.

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