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Impact Playbook: Best Practices for Understanding the Impact of Media

Publication date: 
April, 2013

The Challenge

Today’s social issue media makers work in a networked, collaborative environment. They engage their audiences through participatory experiences, their stories live across media platforms, and they work with nonprofit and advocacy partners to mobilize social change. In a world of streams, clicks, and downloads, media makers increasingly have access to data that reveals the impact of their work. Driven by a desire to better understand the impact of narrative media and entertainment, the Harmony Institute is committed to building the capacity of media makers to use this data to understand and optimize their impact.

The Approach

To build this collaborative understanding HI collaborated with the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), a leading arts organization that works with media makers to inspire social change. HI collaborated with a diverse group of filmmakers, technologists, nonprofit partners, and designers at the 2012 Producers Institute for New Media Technologies. This unique forum encourages the development new tools and channels to deliver stories that inspire social change. HI worked with six teams at the Producers Institute to integrate data collection and impact analysis into the creative and distribution process.

The Results

Following the Producers Institute, HI and BAVC collaborated to produce the “Impact Playbook” a guide that synthesizes best practices for media makers to understand the impact of their work. The guide builds on existing impact frameworks with applied strategies, concrete metrics, and suggested workflows. Specifically designed for today’s networked, data-informed storytellers, the Impact Playbook demystifies data collection and analysis. It embeds impact thinking throughout a project’s lifecycle, from creation to outreach and engagement to empower media makers build this growing field.

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