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Publication date: 
May, 2014

GrantCraft collects practical wisdom from grantmakers, then turns it into guides, workshops, videos, and other tools to help grantmakers hone their craft. They offer frameworks to help organize grantmaker work, make it more strategic, and benchmark effectiveness. Materials can be used for starting a discussion, orienting new staff, or introducing ideas to colleagues and trustees.

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GrantCraft guides explore challenges grantmakers face every day, whether they are new to grantmaking, sharpening their practice, or leading within their foundations, fields, or communities. These guides are based on the actual experiences of grantmakers and grant users, and contain special features to help you scan topics quickly, review key lessons, and explore ways to use them with different groups.

GrantCraft cases explore common, practical problems – the kind of problems all grantmakers face. For both in-depth discussions and "shoptalk" conversations, cases are ideal for workshops, retreats, staff meetings, or classrooms.

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