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CCJFG | Legislative Update: August

Publication date: 
August, 2019

The following criminal justice reform bills are still moving forward in the legislature in 2019. This mid-summer legislative update is brought to you by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

SB 144 (Mitchell): This bill would eliminate many of the administrative fees imposed by the criminal legal system and so reduce the suffering caused by court debt.

SB 136 (Weiner) RISE ACT of 2019: Eliminates the 1-year sentence enhancement for prior prison or jail felony terms. 

AB 45 (Stone)Eliminates the copays for medical and dental services inside of California prisons and jails for any incarcerated person-initiated medical visit or for any durable medical equipment.

SB 36 (Hertzberg): Requires each pretrial services agency that uses a pretrial risk assessment tool to collect data regarding information fed into the tool and the outputs it generates, and to make that information publicly available.

AB 607 (Carillo): Gives judges the discretion to order probation for specified drug offenses that now have mandatory jail or prison time. 

ACA 6 (McCarty): Will restore the right to vote for people on parole in California by placing an initiative on the ballot to amend the California Constitution.

SB 555 (Mitchell): Requires that the items in a county jail canteen are offered for sale at the cost paid to the vendor supplying the items.

SB 42 (Skinner): Requires county sheriffs to develop release standards to provide the safe release of a person from custody.

AB 965 (Stone): This bill would allow people to earn credits from their Youth Offender Parole Date if that date is sooner than their original parole eligibility date. 

AB 392 (Weber): Establishes a higher standard for police use of force and deadly force.

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