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Resources from NCG's 2019 Annual Conference | Values. Vision. Voice.

The following resources are additional articles, presentations, and contact information to connect. Continue to check back for session recordings and more resources. 


Morning Breakouts

"Nothing About Us Without Us": People with Disabilities, Equity, and Inclusion in Philanthropy

Better California: A Path for Realizing the California Dream for All

Intersectionality: Race and Gender in Philanthropy

  • How To Do Intersectionality by Rinku Sen. Read here > 
  • Grantmakers United for Transgender Communities Pledge by Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Learn more > 
  • 2017 Tracking Report: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Grantmaking by U.S. Foundations. Read more > 

Unleash the Power of Imagination! Building Power, Stretching Beyond Equity

The Crisis of Local News and the Role of Philanthropy

  • Exclusive: Google partners to fund new local media sites. Read more > 
  • Most Americans think that local news is doing well financially, and not many pay for it. Read more >

Afternoon Breakout Sessions: Between Two Ferns

Philanthropy's Role in Addressing Silicon Valley's Wealth Gap: Nicole Taylor and Catherine Crystal Foster

Centering Community | Connected Grantmaking in Native American Philanthropy: Lindsie Bear and Carly Hare


Arabs and Muslims Driving Change in Culture and Media: A Conversation with Maytha Al Hassen and Dena Takruri


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