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Regional Facts

NCG brings philanthropy together with government, business and nonprofits to address complex social issues in our diverse and dramatically changing region. Take a look at some of the facts that are driving disparities and the philanthropic resources entering the mix in our community today. 

Total Philanthropic Giving in our Region

  • Just over a third of California’s grantmaking foundations are located in the Bay Area, and more than half of the state’s total giving came from Bay Area philanthropic organizations. Learn More > 
  • As of 2017, total grantmaking in the region is about $3.1 billion. Learn More >  

Grantmaking Assets in our Region

Wealth Disparities in the Bay Area

  • According to a 2016 study by the California Budget Center, the San Francisco metro area ranks first in California for economic inequality. 
  • The average income of the top 1% of households in the area is 44 times the average income of the bottom 99%. Learn More > 
  • While those in the 20th percentile of household income are seeing slight increases in their average income, it’s impossible to know whether those same people are getting raises or the poorest are just getting priced out and moving away. Learn More > 
  • According to The Giving Code: Silicon Valley Nonprofits and Philanthropy, "even as Silicon Valley’s millionaires and billionaires multiply, many of its 2.6 million residents are being plunged into financial distress." Learn More > 

Housing Crisis in the Bay Area

  • In 2015 alone, the Bay Area added 64,000 in jobs; in the same year, only 5,000 new homes were built. Learn More >
  • The average house in San Francisco costs over $1.25 million and the median condo price is over $1.11 million, yet the median household income in the city remains around $80,000. As estimated by the California Association of Realtors, the minimum qualifying income to purchase a house is now $254,000. Learn More >