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Bay Area Health Funders Group


Purpose Statement

The Bay Area Health Funders Group mobilizes philanthropy towards improved health and well-being of our communities; through shared learning and collaboration, funders covering a range of interest areas support one another to invest and lead in addressing barriers to health and equity.


Grantmaking organizations are working together on an important and exciting opportunity to impact the health and well-being of communities throughout California. With support from The California Wellness Foundation, Kaiser Permanente,  the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Metta Fund, NCG is convening funders to investigate how a Bay Area Health Funders Group can create impact through learning, collaboration and discovery of common funding goals. This effort builds on the learning and connections from previous groups in the region in the recent past.

To learn more please contact Sarah Frankfurth, Manager, Collaborative Philanthropy at or (415) 625-0873 .

Group Type 
Funding Collaborative
Eligibility Criteria: 
Health Funder


Friday, July 31, 2020 - 1:00pm

We are now more than three months in to the COVID-19 crisis, and health funders are faced with many questions and choices for how best to respond to the ongoing challenges organizations and communities are facing.

Events in the Field

Events coming soon!