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Purpose and Goals | Youth Power Fund


To provide a mechanism for foundations and individual donors to collectively cultivate a powerful youth organizing ecosystem with shared strategies to engage more young people, expand power, and address pressing issues. Many, but not all, participating funders directly support individual youth organizing groups in the region. Working closely with aligned funders, researchers, and groups on the ground, and with the facilitation support of Youth Organize! California, the collaborative is committed to utilizing collective expertise to support emergent and established youth organizing and leadership development strategies throughout the region.  

Shared Goals 

Short-term objectives

  • To assist organizations that are organizing young people of color – particularly, Black-led and Black-membership groups – in responding to, and recovering from, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn, even as these groups are actively organizing around education, immigration, youth incarceration, mental health, climate, and economic justice and conducting electoral campaigns such as Schools and Communities First and Vote 16. 
  • To engage funders in a collective process to deepen investments immediately in youth organizing given the critical importance of the field at this moment. 

Longer-term outcomes

  • To support increased capacity and effectiveness of youth organizing groups so that on-the-ground work can be sustained and strengthened over time. 
  • To advance a regional ecosystem of youth organizers, program leaders, funders, and key partners that generates a pipeline of prepared and connected/engaged youth leaders. 
  • To coordinate with other regional collaboratives in California to amplify impact at the state-level. 
  • To inspire funders to prioritize youth organizing and direct a larger share of resources to support the growth of this ecosystem.