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Programs, Gatherings, Professional Development, and Briefings

Issue Briefings: We bring members together to address pressing issues. Topics range from immigration reform and nonprofit displacement to racial justice and the water shortage. 

Skill-Building Trainings: Throughout the year, we offer skill building sessions for effective grantmaking. Trainings include: financial analysis, legal guidelines, effective grantmaking, and communications strategy.  New Grantmakers Institute (NGI) is 2-day essentials training for anyone new to philanthropy.

Webinars: Not all programs can be done in person. For some state-wide or multi-regional programs, we offer webinars.  

Events in the Field: Do you have an event or opportunity coming up you want to share with NCG members?  We can highlight this under Events in the Field on our website and well as in our Weekly Program Preview newsletter. 

Program Resources & Materials: With your unique member log in, you can access all post-program resources and materials

News and Publications: We spotlight and share your reports, publications, press releases and staff news. Check out our magazine, Together for Good

Membership Directory: Your member log in opens the membership directory.  To make the most of the directory, we encourage you to enhance your member profile. 

Get on the Map! You have full access to this sophisticated online data visualization tool Foundation Maps | California for grantmaking. 

Job BoardCheck out our job board for current job openings in philanthropy.