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On July 13, the public policy team from Southern California Grantmakers presented to Arts Funders on advocacy for foundations. 

While only 10% of households across the Bay Area are living in poverty, over three times more are financially vulnerable. Brand new data from CFED in partnership with Citi Community Development reveals that 35% of households in the Bay Area are liquid asset poor—they do not have enough savings to live above the poverty level for just three months should they lose a job, have a health emergency, or suffer another disruption in income. Those living in asset poverty lack a financial cushion and are unable to invest in their futures. They can’t save for education, homeownership, or retirement—things that create hope and opportunity for their family and children, and help grow the local economy.
Black communities have been particularly hard hit by the rising tide of inequality in today’s economy. Participants joined us for an exciting briefing that will feature Kimberly Freeman Brown, Sean Thomas Breitfeld, Linda Burnham and Steven Pitts, the authors of two important reports on the state of Black workers. Titled And Still I Rise and #Black Workers Matter, these two groundbreaking reports offer numerous lessons for funders who are interested in expanding economic opportunity for African American communities. We also heard from local leaders about the launch of the Bay Area Black Worker Center and other important efforts underway to address the Black jobs crisis.
Advancing Racial Equity and Transforming Government was a learning session to learn about tackling advancing governments role in advancing racial equity. This is such an important topic and we received such positive feedback!

Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook: Leveraging Your Dollars by Alliance for Justice is designed to provide foundations with the information they need to both fund and conduct advocacy. The Playbook provides examples of how foundation investments have generated meaningful policy change, as well as links to other publications and fact sheets that will allow foundation leaders to quickly answer their questions and access additional information. 

California Budget & Policy Center's infographic Children’s Health Programs in California: Recent Years’ Budget and Policy Changes

This report analyzes U.S. funding trends for Black men and boys and describes recent initiatives in the field of Black male achievement. The brief shows a distinct trend toward increased U.S. foundation funding for organizations and programs that are working to improve the life outcomes of Black males.

This briefing examined examined the impact of implementation of Proposition 47—one of the most important policy reforms that the State has undertaken to reduce incarceration in the nation’s largest prison system, and invest in prevention.

NCRP article describes the practices the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund implemented to support the California's immigrants rights movement. Over time, the foundation has come to recognize the value of enabling groups on the ground to decide strategy – supported not just by its grantmaking but also by its convening power.
With new online tools popping up all the time, questions like these are becoming more and more frequent. This Alliance for Justice guide helps you navigate the web of rules and regulations to empower your organization to engage in online advocacy!