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Committee Members

  • Dimple Abichandani, Executive Director, General Service Foundation 
  • Ophelia Basgal, Visiting Scholar, Terner Center for Housing Innovation, UC Berkeley 
  • Matt Cervantes, Director of Health Programs, Sierra Health Foundation
  • Gina Dalma, Special Adviser to the CEO and Vice President of Government Relations, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • James Head, President and CEO, East Bay Community Foundation
  • Surina Khan, CEO, Women’s Foundation of California
  • Allison Magee, Executive Director, The Zellerbach Family Foundation 
  • Sandra Martínez, Director of Public Policy, The California Wellness Foundation 
  • Liz Posey, Program Officer, Marguerite Casey Foundation
  • Holly Potter, Chief Communications Officer, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Jose Santos, Program Officer, Grove Foundation
  • Lateefah Simon, President, Akonadi Foundation
  • Doua Thor, Senior Program Officer, Sobrato Family Foundation