Peninsula and South Bay Events Calendar

20 Jun 2018

Exploring Organizational Capacity and Health: A Guide to Assessment Tools

June 20, 2018 -
10:00am to 11:00am
Nonprofits have something important in common: the need to be a healthy organization to effectively provide services, assess community needs, and adapt to emerging trends. So… how can you gauge whether an organization is healthy? Organizational...
21 Jun 2018

In Defense of Data: A Funder’s Journey to Support Continuous Improvement

June 21, 2018 -
12:30pm to 3:00pm
Bay Room
The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation , in collaboration with partner co-investors, supports two efforts, Propel Next and Project Evident , to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits, and youth-serving organizations in particular, to better collect and...
25 Jun 2018

Risk & Failure: What it Means to Fail and How to Bounce Back

June 25, 2018 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm
Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund
The public looks to philanthropy to get it right with the dollars it invests. It’s easy for philanthropy to become “bound” to safe investments - defeating the intent for creativity and innovation in solving today’s problems. How can we foster a...