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Why Movement Building?

Monday, March 2, 2015

There are numerous ways to make a difference. But often resources are limited and approaches limitless. So how do you make the most impact?

Got Movement Building?

Have you considered supporting or helping to build a movement? That is, supporting activism (organizing, building common agendas, leadership development, etc.) that directly impacts the issues you care about?

When it comes to addressing social issues, supporting movements is an option philanthropy should consider. After all instead of just addressing the effects of a societal problem, supporting a movement can work to prevent a social problem, call attention to one, build the support needed to change the conditions, offer solutions, and make change happen!

A History of Success

Our country has a wonderful history of movements that have reshaped our society. Social movements have applied pressure on our government and shifted societal views on emancipation, suffrage, and civil rights.

Learn What Philanthropy Can Do

Recently social movements have been behind marriage equality, health reform, climate change and immigrant rights.

You might be wondering what role philanthropy had in supporting these movements? And what exactly did philanthropy support? And how you might engage in this work?

Glad you asked. At the upcoming NCG program How to Change the World! Philanthropy & Movement Building you’ll have the opportunity to learn this and more. Join us on March 25th to hear from foundations that have successfully supported efforts to address our society’s most challenging issues and get a primer on the important role philanthropy can play in changing the world through social movements!