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What We're Reading: May Equity & Social Justice Edition

Thursday, May 7, 2020

By Alice Y. Hom and Daniel Lau, Northern California GrantmakersAlice Hom and Daniel Lau

As the pandemic illuminates the structural cracks in our system, the spring month of May brings about renewal and growth—we hope this collection of articles does just that for you. This month's collection aims to increase understanding and bring more attention to the impacts our communities are facing. We specifically highlight increasing disparities in communities of color, hardships of front line workers, the war narrative, and the need for a racial equity lens to economic power shifts.

1. Filipino American medical workers have suffered some of the most staggering losses in the coronavirus pandemic.

“Similar to Times of War”: The Staggering Toll of COVID-19 on Filipino Health Care Workers | ProPublica

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2. Many prisons currently have far more occupants than they were designed to hold, leading to dangerously close quarters.

Covid-19 Continues Its Toll on Jails and Prisons | Brennan Center for Justice

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3. “I implore you not to accept the White House’s framing of COVID-19 as a war. Do not use other wars as a gauge for lives lost. COVID-19 is a pandemic.”

Coronavirus and America’s Vietnam Syndrome | The Orange County Register

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4. “We are a small population of people because of genocide. No other reason. If you eliminate us in the data, we don’t exist.”

Native Americans being left out of U.S. coronavirus data and labelled as ‘other’ | The Guardian

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5. The pandemic has made clear that the scale of the problems in our society requires systemic change.

Scaling Economic Solidarity: The Pandemic, Nonprofits, and Power | Nonprofit Quarterly 

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6. Cashiers and shelf-stockers and delivery-truck drivers aren’t heroes. They’re victims. To call them heroes is to justify their exploitation.

Calling Me a Hero Only Makes You Feel Better | The Atlantic

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Two bonuses this month because we all need a bit of care these days and this package delivers some soothing tidbits and voices from around the world.

Care Package | Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

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Activists from around the world speak out on their responses to COVID-19 | The Detail

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