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What We're Reading: March Equity & Social Justice Edition

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Headshot of the blog authors, Alice Y. Hom and Daniel LauBy Alice Y. Hom and Daniel Lau, Northern California Grantmakers

March is about “springing forward” and with the daylight savings time, we’ll have more light to read articles that help us understand and interrogate systems that keep people from educational materials, financial capital, and basic care and support. Let’s pay attention to structural and institutional policies that don’t serve the collective well-being of our communities. 

1. “It’s so important for people in prison to have access to materials that give them hope.”

Who Should Decide What Books Are Allowed In Prison? | by Lee Gaines, NPR

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2. “Therapy cannot explain to me how racism shapes my daily suffering.” 

Decolonizing mental health: The importance of an oppression-focused mental health system | by Karina Zapata, Calgary Journal

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3. A ‘racial appreciation gap’ exists that hinders African-Americans’ ability to generate wealth through homeownership.

Why Black Businesses and Homeownership Won’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap | by Brentin Mock, CityLab

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4. Latinx Founders have fewer financing opportunities and when they do, the amounts are smaller.

The U.S. Economy is in Serious Trouble if Latinx Founders Don’t Get More Funding | by Arnobio Morelix, Inc.

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5. “It feels like every State legislature, every year, is trying to push some kind of anti-LGBT agenda.”

Advocates tracking over 200 active state bills targeting LGBTQ Americans | by Julie Moreau, NBC News

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Bonus: There is a wide spectrum of women’s issues and concerns and for our bonus we shine a light on transgender women in prison. 

Trans, imprisoned — and trapped | by Kate Sosin, NBC News

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