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What We're Reading: January Equity & Social Justice Edition

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Headshot of the blog authors, Alice Y. Hom and Daniel LauBy Alice Y. Hom and Daniel Lau, Northern California Grantmakers

The beginning of a new year gives us a moment to think about the importance of 2020. As the census count and presidential election approach, we envision what it takes to create a decade centering equity and social justice. In this spirit, we offer some articles below that help us think about reparations, check our assumptions, reflect on the costs of social norms, and how to be media literate. We're including a couple bonus samples this month that bring in future visions while understanding our present and past conditions.

1. “Shuumi in our language means gift. The Shuumi land tax is a way to begin undoing centuries of erasure.”

Native American 'land taxes': a step on the roadmap for reparations | by Maanvi Singh, The Guardian

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2. If women don’t conform to beauty expectations, they’re paid less.

The Grooming Gap: What “Looking the Part” Costs Women | by Mindy Isser, In These Times

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3. Things are not true because a government official says them.

How To Avoid Swallowing War Propaganda | by Nathan J. Robinson, Current Affairs

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4. Asian people aren’t seen as human beings; they are calculating machines.

Asians are good at math? Why dressing up racism as a compliment just doesn’t add up | by Niral Shah, black voice news

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5. Latinx racial identity matters. We’re the tipping point that will shift this country’s demographics.

New Series on Latinx Racial Identity Asks 'Who Do We Think We Are? | Colorlines

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Bonus Podcast and Video

Check out the 2020 visioning exercise to set yourself up for personal and political power. Take a look at the video series, This is My Story, which gives you some anecdotal context of being Black in America. 

2020 Visioning: a New Years Practice with Alicia Garza

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LeVar Burton’s New Video Series Captures Racism in Daily Life

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