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What We're Reading: February Equity and Social Justice Edition

Thursday, February 11, 2021

By Alice Y. Hom and Daniel Lau, Northern California Grantmakers

Alice Hom and Daniel Lau

This month we’re highlighting articles around accountability, philanthro-capitalism, somatics, and the strategic power of collective organizing. We hope these articles inspire you to delve in deeply about how to be accountable and to reflect on the impact of racism and white supremacy.

1. Why did it take so long for social media platforms to take action?

Banning White Supremacy Isn’t Censorship, It’s Accountability, Wired 



2. “The history of American journalism is inextricably linked to white supremacy.”

On Atonement, Columbia Journalism Review 



3. What happens to your body if, day in and day out, you are worried about your safety and future?

Racism has a physical impact on the body -- here's how, The Conversation 



4. Philanthro-capitalism is deeply embedded in the system of colonial and predatory capitalism.

The blindness of using venture capital to fight human trafficking, openDemocracy 



5. “Women just know how to get shit done.”

Inside the WNBA’s Fight to Turn Georgia Blue, Elle




Our bonus picks are about visuals and vision. Corky Lee documented and made visible the discrimination and violence inflicted upon Asian American communities as well as the resilience and power of Asan Americans organizing and coming together. The Black Futures video is from the Movement for Black Lives as part of their Black Futures Month

Corky Lee’s Photographs Helped Generations of Asian-Americans See Themselves 



Black Futures: An Ode to Freedom Summer   

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