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What We're Reading: August Equity & Social Justice Edition

Thursday, August 6, 2020

By Alice Y. Hom and Daniel Lau, Northern California Grantmakers

Alice Hom and Daniel LauThe past, the present, and the future come to mind with this month’s articles that address the on-going fight for equal rights, the progress and the loss of rights, the gendered impact of the recession, and concrete actions to take to radically transform philanthropy.

1. “If you’re going to talk about black liberation or freedom, disability rights have to be involved in the story, and vice versa.”

The ADA Was a Monumental Achievement 30 Years Ago, but the Fight for Equal Rights Continues | by Nora McGreevy, Smithsonian Magazine



2. Trump is using the Census to stoke fear and reduce the political power of immigrants in their own communities.

Trump is Trying to Weaponize the U.S. Census Against Undocumented Immigrants | by Elly Belle, Refinery29



3. Our country’s capitalist economic system is intensely reliant on the entrenched forces of white supremacy and anti-Blackness.

Philanthropy’s role in dismantling white supremacy and anti-Blackness toward a Just Transition | by Justice Funders



4. “If women don’t benefit, the policies need to change because we’re all going to lose.”

America’s first female recession | by Chabeli Carrazana, The 19th 



5. This is the time to strike, the time to take audacious steps to address systemic racial inequality—bold, sweeping reparative action.

Americans Are Determined to Believe in Black Progress | by Philip R. Allen, The Atlantic




Our bonus selections feature the voices of disability activists and the cultural considerations in naming recipes.


A series of original essays on the past, present, and future of disability rights and justice by disabled BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) writers. 


When it comes to a recipe, what’s in a name?
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