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Top 10 NCG Milestones in 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

It’s been an amazing year for NCG. How amazing? Well here's 10 milestones accomplished by the NCG staff this year:

  1. First Ever All-Day Annual Conference—which included swag! This year NCG took a big risk and held an all-day conference. And guess what, it was a stupendous success. Not only did we have two rock star keynotes, we had members debating for fun onstage AND we managed to highlight how income inequality is affecting our communities.

  2. NCG’s swank new website. NCG staff worked very hard over many months to build the new website. We hope you’re making the most of all its cool features (Resources, Member Directory, News)—if not, learn how!

  3. NCG moved to a new office space. Yes, we moved! And our new office has space for us to host programs—whoo!! (That’s sort of a big deal for us.)

  4. New partnerships. This year NCG made deliberate efforts to expand our universe of partners so that we can bring members the expertise needed to really delve into issues and trends we see in the field. Case in point, we partnered with Alliance for Justice, Bay Area Asset Funders Network, and Neighborhood Funders Group (NFG) to present our Annual Conference on income inequality. Next year we’ll collaborate with long-time partner the Foundation Center to launch a deep exploration of philanthropy in California. Other memorable partnerships this year included co-presenting the Corporate Philanthropy Institute with NCG members Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

  5. Fro-Yo with a CEO. Ever since Director of Member Engagement Phuong Quach started at NCG she’s been pitching this idea. Finally this summer NCG intern Carmen Ross was able to make Phuong’s dream a reality. The video series features Carmen interviewing CEOs about their lives in and outside of their work in philanthropy.

  6. Piloting on-demand workshops. This fall NCG has quietly piloted this service. We’ve been contracted by several members to present our Financial Analysis for Grantmakers as in-house workshops. What’s an on-demand workshop? Well, you tell us when and where and NCG staff will present one of its professional development workshops. Want to know more. Contact NCG Member Services. 

  7. New board members! Earlier this month NCG was pleased to announce  that Sara Davis, Director of Grants Management at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and Sandra Nathan, the Vice President of Grants and Loans at the Marin Community Foundation, joined our Board of Directors. We’re thrilled to have both Sara and Sandra join our Board.

  8. Ramping up programing for CEOs. This year we were pleased to offer several programs designed for CEOs which featured intimate conversations with Van Jones, Robert B. Reich, and Cory Booker. Bringing in thought leaders and policymakers isn’t all work and no play. Just ask NCG member Pam David about dancing with Cory Booker—somewhere there are some great photos of that unexpected moment.

  9. Expanding our membership eligibility. Recognizing that in order to bring together the right mix of people—grantmakers, government, intermediary nonprofits—to create real impact on complex social problems facing our communities, NCG took a long look at its membership eligibility this year. We were pleased to announce this fall that the NCG Board approved a ground-breaking expansion of our membership eligibility criteria. As we reach out to a new universe of partners we look to collaborating with them in new and uncharted ways.

  10. New President and CEO. This fall NCG announced that Ellen LaPointe had been appointed our new President and CEO. NCG is excited to begin working with Ellen as she takes the baton from our Interim President and CEO David Greco. 2015 is shaping up to be another banner year for NCG and we thank David for his leadership during this time of transition.

That’s it. The top 10 NCG milestones in 2014. We hope all our members and partners have a wonderful holiday. And we look forward to working with you all in 2015!