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Tell Us Your Interests: Personalize Your Online Profile

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It’s worth repeating: NCG members, we want you to personalize your online profile.

What Online Profile?

All staff and trustees at NCG member organizations are themselves NCG members. And as members, you receive certain benefits.

Your online profile on NCG’s website is one such benefit. And in many ways your profile is tied to other member benefits such as:

  • Attending NCG programs—to register for a program you have to login to the website. When you log in the website recognizes you as a member and allows you to process your registration.
  • Member-Only Website Content—to access post-program resources, the Member Directory or other member-only content you need to login to the website.
  • Targeted Outreach—NCG staff often reaches out to members based on Interest Areas. Indicating your “Areas of Interest” on your profile helps us find out what kinds of programming you are interested in.

Why Personalize?

But I already have my login to the website, isn’t that enough?

Remember that last bullet above? Well, with a few clicks of your mouse you can tell NCG what you are interested in. We use this information when sending targeted invitations to programs and to determine the type of programming to develop for members.

It’s Also a Way to Connect

Personalizing your profile is also a way for your peers to find you.

The NCG Member Directory allows members the ability to use search terms. Personalizing your profile’s “Areas of Interest” means that you will show up in the search results. And the more members who indicate their “Areas of Interest” the more robust the search results will be.

Ready to Personalize: Here’s How

Be sure you have an NCG profile
If we don’t have you in our database it’s easy to be added. In fact, every day members are creating new profiles on our website.


  1. Once you have saved your new password, click the "Edit Profile" button (next to the word "Account"). This is where you can add details to your personal profile.
  2. Select your "Professional Interest Areas" from the drop-down list. This will keep us informed about the types of programming you are interested in so we can develop NCG programming that meets the professional needs of our members.
  3. Select your "Areas of Interest" from the drop-down list and then click "Save Contact." This will let us keep you informed about topics you care about, and reduce the overall quantity of email you get from NCG.

You can update your interests and contact information at any time. Just click on "My Account" in the top right corner of your screen, then click the "Edit" button.

Important Pro-Tip

Do not select all the "Professional Interest Area" and "Areas of Interest" tags.

Be selective.

If all our members choose all the tags, it's as if you all didn't select any. By being more selective about what really interests you, the filters on our Member Directory will be able to offer a true picture of who is interested in what issue or topic. This not only helps NCG determine the kind of programming to develop, but helps yours peers looking through the Member Directory find other funders with similar interests.

Spread the Word

Help us make the NCG Member Directory a robust tool for members. How? Simple, tell your colleagues to personalize their profiles. The more (data) the merrier.


Finally, remember that the NCG Member Directory is one of your member benefits. Have at it! Explore away.