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The San Francisco Chronicle Features NCG Member Tom DeCaigny

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last week the SF Chronicle published a feature on NCG member Tom DeCaigny as a champion for artists–-a fact we know well as Tom is a member of NCG’s Arts Loan Fund.

Growing up in the one-industry paper-mill town of Cloquet, Minn. (population 12,036), Thomas DeCaigny couldn’t have imagined that he would one day be the leading voice for the arts in San Francisco.

Following a career in grassroots organizations, DeCaigny was appointed in January 2012 as cultural affairs director for the San Francisco Arts Commission, just in time for citywide growth and transition.

“It’s an intense moment in San Francisco,” said DeCaigny, in a conversation about his job and the opportunities, to use his preferred thinking, for art and culture in the city. “It can be challenging to establish a viewpoint in a diversity of opinions and a complex ecosystem, but my role is to champion artists to be at the table with everyone else who is struggling and to make sure that the concerns of artists are represented in policy conversations.”

“It’s not just San Francisco going through this change, it’s a national transformation,” DeCaigny said. “Across the country we are seeing unprecedented reorganization and income disparity. It requires rethinking how we shape policy to foster equity and access. It’s also a time to think about how arts and culture are going to thrive.”

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