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Rosenberg Foundation Releases Third Edition of Justice in California

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NCG member the Rosenberg Foundation has released the third edition of its Justice in California, an online publication that features powerful op-eds from advocates and thought leaders from the state and nationally. The latest edition is dedicated to the issue of immigrant rights and integration.

In this edition, leading immigrant rights advocates and champions write about what’s been achieved thus far and what more remains to be done. Reshma Shamasunder and Angelica Salas discuss how California became a leader in immigrant rights. Pablo Alvarado celebrates the shift away from the criminalization of immigrants. DREAMer Ju Hong shares with us what prompted him to speak up for immigrant rights and land in the national spotlight. Janet Murguía urges us to put immigrant integration front and center…

As always, our hope for Justice in California is that it will inform our public conversation on how best to realize our common dreams for justice and equality in California.

In this edition you’ll find:

  • Reshma Shamasunder and Angelica Salas on how California is leading the way on immigrant rights and integration.
  • Pablo Alvarado on stopping the criminalization of immigrants.
  • Katie Joaquin and Maria Distancia on what’s next for domestic workers.
  • Saru Jayaraman on standing up for restaurant workers.
  • Cruz Reynoso and Arturo Rodriguez on farmworkers’ long fight for justice.


Read the latest Justice in California edition online.