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Rosenberg Foundation Awards More Than $1 Million in Grants for Criminal Justice Reform

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

At the end of last year, NCG member Rosenberg Foundation announced that it awarded over $1 million in grants for criminal justice reform in California and the implementation of Proposition 47 (the Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act).

“The time is now to transform our criminal justice system and make it work for communities across California,” said Tim Silard, president of the Rosenberg Foundation. “With Proposition 47, Californians overwhelming voted to roll back war on drugs sentencing, tearing down long-standing systemic barriers to opportunity and human rights that disproportionately impact communities of color and low income communities. At the Rosenberg Foundation, we are seizing the moment by increasing our support for the courageous work of advocates and organizations fighting to ensure a safer, stronger, more prosperous, and more just California for all of us.”...

In response to recent events in New York and Ferguson, Missouri, the Foundation awarded rapid action grants totaling $20,000 to PolicyLink ( and Advancement Project ( for policy guidance, communications and advocacy on Constitutional policing. PICO California ( received $10,000 to provide on the ground support to the police accountability campaign in Ferguson.