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Readiness and Response to the Storm

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

With our renewed capacity for disaster preparedness and focus on regional vibrancy and sustainability, NCG is now able to offer quick guides for disaster and crises. Here are some pointers for dealing with the current conditions caused by rain and snow.

The rain, flood, and landslide warnings throughout Northern California provide an opportunity to develop relationships with your local emergency management officials. Such connections keep you informed about local conditions and community needs during a disaster or community crisis, and emergency response officials often stress the value of exchanging business cards in advance of such an event.  Find your local Office of Emergency Services (OES) here.

Many cities and counties have their own warning systems to send emergency information via text or email, much like the National Emergency Alert System whose buzzing sound you may recognize from radio and TV. Check with your local OES to see if your area has one.