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Perspective: Celebrating Those Who Change the World

Friday, August 26, 2016

NCG member Harvey V. Fineberg, President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation discusses the Foundation's 15-year history in his letter below.

Dear Friends,

Since joining the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in January 2015, I have been struck by the values and generosity of our founders, Gordon and Betty Moore; the passion and sense of purpose displayed by our staff; and the innovative, dynamic work of grantees who are changing the world for the better.

When Gordon and Betty Moore established this foundation fifteen years ago, they sought to create long-term, durable impact. They recognized that significant change can take time. Fifteen years is perhaps time enough for some long-term impact to come into focus. As more time goes by, we will be even better able to apprehend how our grantees’ efforts have contributed to meaningful, lasting change.

To our grantees, and speaking on behalf of our board of trustees, our staff and the many beneficiaries of your work, I say “thank you.” We are grateful for your dedication, expertise and many successes.

In the past fifteen years, you have opened access to scientific literature, developed fundamental technologies to explore the oceans and the universe, and expanded science education. You crafted the conservation of critical global ecosystems. You created safer experiences and superior health outcomes for patients and their families. And in the Bay Area, you have preserved open spaces and enabled science learning institutions to flourish.

Our 2015 annual report, “Celebrating those who change the world: Fifteen years of impact,” highlights some of this pioneering and path-breaking work. No single report can capture every activity and achievement. Rather, this summary report selectively illustrates what is possible when remarkable people and institutions have access to the resources necessary to create durable, measurable change.

As we have for the past 15 years, the foundation will continue to work with scientists, explorers, conservationists, fishermen, farmers, clinicians, patients and many others who have dedicated their lives to creating positive outcomes for future generations.

Together, we will find new and innovative ways to promote important and lasting change.

With appreciation and keen anticipation for the future,

Harvey V. Fineberg