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Oakland Mayor the Honorable Libby Schaaf to Speak at Upcoming NCG Program

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NCG is excited to share that the Honorable Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland will be a key part of an upcoming NCG program!

Born and raised in Oakland, Mayor Schaaf is a former Oakland City Council member, a former Council chief of staff and top mayoral aide to Jerry Brown, and a life-long volunteer with two decades of public service experience.

Prop. 47 Implementation

Proposition 47, a landmark ballot initiative that passed overwhelmingly with California voters, aims to reduce incarceration in the nation’s largest—and most costly—prison system, and invest in prevention.

Prop. 47 changes six low-level crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. This reclassification has wide-reaching implications:

  • Workforce: Having an arrest record can effectively shut people out of the job market. That National Employment Law Project estimates that 25% of U.S. adults have an arrest history that shows up in background checks.
  • Health: Makes resources available for local mental health, drug treatment, and prevention programs
  • Education: Removes a barrier to accessing financial support for continuing education
  • Housing: Having an arrest record can make it harder for individuals to securing housing; and
  • And access to many more services.

The proposition also channels prison cost savings into  local mental health and drug treatment programs at the community level, prevention programs for K-12 students, and trauma recovery services to help victims of crime.

Mayor Schaaf will offer key insights on what Prop. 47 implementation means to Oakland and the impact that implementation will have on individuals and her community. Mayor Schaaf will be joined by Lenore Anderson from Californians for Safety and Justice, Pastor Michael McBride from PICO, and local foundation leaders.

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Learn more about Prop. 47 implementation and the role it plays in the future  of our state at NCG’s upcoming Transforming Lives: Safety and Opportunity Through Prop. 47 on April 7th