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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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A report of Bay Area nonprofits released by Northern California GrantmakersThe San Francisco Foundation and partnersshows that most respondents (82%) are concerned about sustaining their work in the face of rising office space costs in the region.

  • Steady increases in commercial real estate rental rates have pushed office prices to 122% above where they were five years ago
  • Bay Area markets are now the toughest in the nation
  • Nonprofits serving communities of color and low income communities show an especially high level of concern.
  • Nearly two out of every three nonprofits say they will have to make a decision about moving within the next five years. 

This report is the first for the region as a whole and demonstrates the scope of the issue across Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.



Addendum: Nonprofits and Philanthropy Weigh In on Displacement

Over the course of four briefings with funders and nonprofits we gathered tremendous input toward solutions on the issue of displacement. On behalf of the working group who has guided this effort, we are pleased to provide this summary of many of the good ideas participants contributed.

This report is the first reflecting the region as a whole and we anticipate a funder-initiated working group will engage a range of stakeholders, funders, government, policy advocates and nonprofits to move forward together.

We will continue to inform and be informed by folks who’ve expressed interest in the briefings as we explore potential solutions.

It’s clear from the breadth of ideas generated through the briefings that a spectrum of short and long-term approach is needed. The recommendations here reflect the need to address the cyclical nature of the problem.

For funders, the driving concern continues to be about the sustainability of the nonprofit sector who are integral to the social, cultural, political and economic fabric of our community.  


A group of foundations, government funders and nonprofits have crowd-sourced solutions some immediate and some long-term.


To learn more about this project, contact NCG's Director of Regional Vibrancy and Sustainability, Steve Barton at