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A New Brand of CSR

Monday, September 19, 2016

Corporate responsibility is changing fast. The Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Corporate Responsibility Manager Kathy Gu explores the evolution of corporate responsibility "from traditional cause-related marketing and grants to embedding responsibility-thinking into the core of [a] business."

From empowering ads like Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" to taking stands on social issues, Kathy notices this shift happening in the way companies advertise, the stands they take publicly and how they use their resources beyond the dollars.

She also notes the evolving role nonprofits can play. "The evolution of corporate responsibility inevitably demands adaptation on the part of nonprofits as well. All the above examples qualify as citizenship, but all either do not involve a nonprofit partner or involve just a single nonprofit partner. Nonprofits should start viewing companies as more than just a source of revenue or volunteer hands and consider how to develop truly strategic and multi-faceted partnerships. Companies can be powerful allies in driving awareness to a cause, if not a specific organization."

NCG's Corporate Philanthropy Institute

Sometimes citizenship takes courage. And taking the first steps into uncharted CSR territory requires corporate grantmakers who are bold.

This year's Corporate Philanthropy Institute's theme is, "Be Courageous." Join us on December 1, 2016 to learn how companies are taking bold steps to positively impact communities around the world.

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