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New Attitude, New Space, New Brand

Monday, January 30, 2017

NCG rang in 2017 full of chutzpah: one hand on a demolition hammer and the other on the keyboard. In short order, we knocked down the walls of our office to create a bigger, more inviting space for our growing membership and staff to deepen our work in social justice and equity, the vibrancy of the Northern California region, and the care and feeding of our members.

Clearly, the NCG brand needed to do some catching up!

Colleagues from private, family, corporate and community foundations and from across the field contributed thoughtful insights about how they experience NCG at its best. We’ve distilled their thinking into a simple-but-elegant new mission statement: Northern California Grantmakers brings philanthropy together to build healthy, thriving and just communities. We have adopted a tagline, Together for Good, that illuminates our fundamental belief that we are able to achieve results far greater together than if we were acting alone. Our new logo expresses our energetic approach, and belief that when we stick together, the future is bright.

And thus, our brand re-fresh was born. We love it, and we hope you will too.

We invite you to take a closer look at the NCG brand refresh in several places:

  • Our newly-designed website amplifies our new strategic framework
  • The Weekly Program Preview now focuses on programs only
  • Our new bi-weekly magazine for philanthropy Together For Good offers deeper-dive stories about news-making people and institutions in our community, resources to help us do our work better, and up-to-the-minute info about the latest jobs and opportunities for professional development.

Thoughts on the New Brand

“NCG brings together different kinds of funders and pushes them to think rigorously about how their goals, processes, methods, and relationships with nonprofits are aligned—or not. This is a real strength.” Jessica Weare, Philanthropy and Civic Engagement Manager, Microsoft 

“Because NCG is in the Bay Area—a hot bed of innovation and progressive in nature—you can and should be a leader in every way.” Nancy Jamison, President and CEO, San Diego Grantmakers

“Buckle up, everyone!  We are on our way!” Ellen LaPointe, NCG's President and CEO

We Want to Know

What do you think of the new face of NCG? Reactions? Questions? We want to know. Contact Emily Katz, NCG's Director of Policy and Communications at