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New $15 Billion Climate Package for California — Here's What It Means for Philanthropy

Thursday, September 30, 2021
by Alan Kwok, Climate and Disaster Resilience Director, Northern California Grantmakers

What’s the role for philanthropy in California’s $15 billion climate package?

On September 23rd, California made a significant down payment to secure a climate-resilient future, ensuring our most vulnerable communities will be protected and prosper in the face of climate change. Governor Newsom has signed into law an unprecedented $15 billion climate package over the next three years "to combat the climate crisis, tackle catastrophic wildfires and help build a resilient California of the future."  Investments from the climate package will build wildfire resilience, address drought impacts and bolster water resilience, protect vulnerable communities from climate risks, advance the state’s zero emission vehicle goals, promote climate smart agriculture, and support the circular economy.

Where will the $15 billion go?

  • $1.5 billion on wildfire and forest resilience that would increase the pace and scale of fuels management
  • $5.2 billion on water and drought resilience, including address immediate drought response
  • $3.7 billion on climate resilience to protect vulnerable populations and communities
  • $3.9 billion on zero emission vehicles and infrastructure
  • $1.1 billion to support climate-smart agriculture

The full summary of the integrated climate package can be found here. For full details of the package can be found in the budget addendum.

What’s the role of philanthropy?

There will be tremendous opportunities for philanthropy to ensure investments are targeted in our most vulnerable communities at risk of climate-driven events. While we learn more about the details of this package, we believe philanthropic opportunities will focus on:

  • Advocacy around investment allocations – where and how, and accountability
  • Capacity building and technical support for local jurisdictions and frontline communities to access financial resources
  • Community education and outreach
  • Nonprofit and multi-sector networks to ensure coordinated and equitable access to climate-related programs

Philanthropy California will share key information with our members on intervention and engagement points as the state rolls out this new climate package. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Alan Kwok, PhD, Philanthropy California’s Director of Climate and Disaster Resilience.

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