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NCG Welcomes Six New Members

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Members are the lifeblood of NCG. So we just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the members who’ve joined NCG since the beginning of 2015. Since January 1 we’ve welcomed six new members to our community: Foundation for Youth Investment, jdcPartnerships, the Latino Community Foundation, O2 Initiatives, Rodan and Fields Prescription for Change Foundation, and Risk Management Solutions, Inc.

Learn About Our New Members

Foundation for Youth Investment 
The Foundation for Youth Investment (FYI) was created to ensure that all young people in California have the opportunity for transformational outdoor experiences.

Created to build on the legacy of the Stewardship Council’s Youth Investment Program, Foundation for Youth Investment is developing and expanding the Stewardship Council’s work. Since 2006, the Youth Investment Program has invested over $11.5 million in over 140 organizations that together have provided more than 250,000 youth with life-changing outdoor connections.

NCG welcomes FYI Executive Director Kim Bailey and her entire staff to the NCG community.

With NCG’s expanded membership criteria we’re seeing new types of members join. jdcPartnerships is one of them.

Established in 2002, jdcPartnerships is a minority woman-owned consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area that has an innate commitment to social justice. Their clients are philanthropic, public- and social-sector organizations striving to create a more equitable society. They support clients’ efforts and magnify clients’ impact using an approach that integrates strategy formation and planning, evaluative inquiry and practice, and leadership development and capacity building.

Join us in welcoming Jara Dean-Coffey and her team to the NCG community.

Latino Community Foundation 
A supporting organization of the San Francisco Foundation, the Latino Community Foundation inspires philanthropy, invests in Latino communities, and leads transformative solutions for change. Created because there is a severe underinvestment in Latino-led and Latino-based organizations in California, LCF is unyielding in its commitment to change this inequity in funding.

LCF Interim CEO Arabella Martinez and her team are already making the most of their NCG membership as collaborators on an upcoming program about immigration relief. NCG is always excited to work with members on programs and glad to see that LCF is jumping right in. Welcome!

O2 Initiatives 
O2 Initiatives believes that when nonprofit leaders have time to recharge and refocus, they are better prepared to ignite positive change. Their sabbatical program rewards executive directors with the rare resource of time, while helping others in the organization grow their leadership capacity during the absence.

If this type of sabbatical program sounds familiar that’s because they were inspired by NCG member the Durfee Foundation and its Foundation Sabbatical Program in Los Angeles. So we can all thank the Durfee Foundation and Carrie Avery for O2 Initiatives’ Bay Area sabbatical program.

Join us in welcoming O2 Initiatives Executive Director Emily Cohen Raskin and her staff to the NCG community. We look forward to meeting you all at an upcoming NCG program.

Rodan and Fields, Prescription for Change Foundation 
New corporate member Rodan and Fields’ business is about helping people create opportunities to change lives. The Prescription For Change™ (PFC) Foundation is at the very core of this mission.

The PFC Foundation supports students in need on their journey to becoming a prescription for change in their communities by fostering belief in themselves.

NCG welcomes Senior Manager Kari Hayden Pendoley to our community of grantmakers. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming program.

Risk Management Solutions 
Another corporate member to join this year is Risk Management Solutions (RMS).  With eleven offices spread across the world, RMS works globally with over 400 insurers, financial markets, corporations, and public agencies to evaluate and manage catastrophe risks. 

RMS works to help provide models and solutions to better understand and manage the risks of natural and human-made catastrophes, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, terrorism, and pandemics.

RMS’s Corporate Social Responsibly efforts align with the company’s core business model and focuses mainly on disaster risk mitigation, response and recovery, typically in developing countries. RMS also gives to local community organizations in each of their operating geographies, and also provide employee donations match.

Welcome Rebecca Biestman, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, to NCG!