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NCG Welcomes our Newest Members | Part 2

Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 has been a busy year for NCG! This year we decided to expand our membership qualifications, and in doing so have some great members who are new to our community.  We wanted to take a moment to celebrate them — each week we will be featuring some of our new members in a continuing blog series.

Help us welcome board and staff of these organizations!

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency is administered by the Health Care Services Agency and includes the following program areas: Behavioral Health Care, Public Health, Environmental Health, and Agency Administration/Indigent Health.

The ultimate mission of Health Care Services Agency is to provide fully integrated health care services through a comprehensive network of public and private partnerships that ensure optimal health and well-being and respect the diversity of all residents.


Arntz Family Foundation

The Arntz Family Foundation has the primary mission is to support environmental organizations, with an emphasis on those organizations that work toward systemic change and sustainability particularly where the areas of the environment and economic development come together.

The board of the foundation is composed of the Arntz children and their spouses. The board decided to focus on the environment, not just to honor their parents, but also because they feel that given the state of the world this is one of the areas needing the most support at this time. They have further refined their areas of interest to fund primarily organizations that focus on both the sustainability of the environment and the people living in the environment. Where support for both people and ecosystems comes together is the Arntz Family Foundation’s highest priority.

We are excited to introduce their Executive Director Nancy Peterson, the foundation board and staff to NCG.

Bessemer Trust Company

Bessemer Trust is privately owned and focused on Long-term Investment Solutions and Wealth Management Capabilities, particularly Family Company and Philanthropic Advisory Services. Their mission is to help manage wealth so it has a positive impact on the lives of clients and the lives of generations to come.

Their long-term investment solutions portfolio  includes a global mix of large-, mid-, and small-cap equities, fixed-income securities, credit investments, commodities, currencies, and hedge funds. They use their model portfolios as a starting point for developing your personalized investment plan. Bassemer Trust will also work with clients towards an integrated long-term wealth plan for Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Insurance Advisory Services and Real Estate Advisory Services. 

Help us welcome their President George Wilcox and CEO Marc D. Stern to our community.

RHE Charitable Foundation

The RHE Charitable Foundation’s mission is to extend the legacy of compassion and generosity created by its founder, Richard Henry Epstein by providing grants to organizations whose work they admire. They are dedicated to protection of lands and waters that serve to enrich the lives of all creatures, including us, restoration of human resilience and the cultivation of edgy arts.

Jennifer Heyneman Sousae, MFT has served as the Executive Director since its inception in 2008. We are happy to welcome her and the staff of RHE.