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NCG’s Financial Management Workshop Series: A Quick Q&A with Phuong Quach

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Next month NCG kicks off a three-part Financial Management Workshop Series designed in partnership with Fiscal Management Associates (FMA). Why are we doing this? What can members expect of the workshops?

Q&A with Phuong Quach

To answer your burning financial management questions NCG sat down with our Director of Member Engagement Phuong Quach.

NCG: Financial workshops are not new to NCG. We’ve been doing the Financial Analysis workshop series for years now. How is this Financial Management Workshop series different?

Phuong:  We’re taking our financial training to the next level.  This series, led by Hilda H. Polanco, CPA, CCSA®,CGMA, Founder and CEO of FMA, will take participants to a deeper analysis of how to understand the financial health of nonprofits and how to best support their work. It will also get to more of the nuts and bolts of finance and accounting. 

NCG: Tell us how this partnership with FMA came about.

Phuong: David Greco, NCG’s Interim President and CEO last year, actually recommended FMA to lead this series with us. He has worked closely and led presentations with FMA and feels their work compliments his training very well. They’ve led these same workshops with other Regional Associations across the country and we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback.

NCG: What will the workshops cover?

Phuong: LOTS!  Each training is 3 hours long and filled with information, ideas, and ways for any funder who wants to learn how to work more effectively with their grantees.

The first workshop, on March 12th, will look at the full costs of program delivery for nonprofits. We will look at the “nonprofit starvation cycle” and understanding how funding full costs supports the long-term sustainability of grantee organizations.

In Part 2, on April 12th, funders will gain an understanding of how to assess a nonprofit organization’s financial health when no audited financial statements are available. The session will focus on two key sources of financial information: the IRS Form 990 and internal financial statements prepared by the grantee.

And, in Part 3, the final workshop on June 11, funders will gain an understanding of how to engage in a dialogue with grantees on difficult conversations about their financial situation to help identify a grantee’s capacity for fiscal strategy around complex issues, including how to build and manage operating reserves, manage financial risks, and develop multi-year financial forecasting to support sustainability and growth. 

NCG: Do members have to sign up for all 3 workshops? Or, can they pick and choose?

Phuong: While we’d love for our workshops to be well attended, it’s not required that you attend the entire series. You can select the workshops that are right for your interest and expertise level.

NCG: Who should attend these workshops?

Phuong:  Anyone who is involved in the grantmaking process and works directly or indirectly with their grantees.  Grants Managers, Staff of small foundations, and Program Officers are strongly encouraged to attend.

NCG: Is there a cost to attend the workshops?

Phuong: Yes. Each workshop has a $35 registration fee.

But it’s worth so much more. We try our best to offer our programs at no charge to members, but on occasion there are programs with much higher expenses to cover.

Hilda will be coming here from NYC for all three workshops for 3 hours of high quality professional development for participants. So the registration fee will cover the cost of bringing her to the Bay Area and providing the training.

NCG: Anything else you want members to know?

Phuong: I plan to attend all three and looking forward to learning a lot. Hope to see you there! 

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