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NCG Moving Office to Weed, CA

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Once again NCG finds itself feeling the crunch of rising rental costs here in San Francisco. Facing another rent increase the NCG Board of Directors has approved another move. We're excited to announce we are putting the "northern" in Northern California Grantmakers and moving our offices to Weed, CA.

What does this mean for our members?

Have no fear, NCG will still provide the quality programming and benefits members have come to count on. Only now we'll livestream all our programs from Weed directly to members. Think of it--NCG programs on your smart phone and tablet. Now, instead of leaving your offices to attend a program, all you have to do is turn on your device from the comfort of your office.

Here at NCG the staff is taking the move in stride and preparing for the what they're calling "the big trek." Most staff members have decided to relocate to Weed, though long-time NCG staff member Jenny Chinn is opting to commute so her sons can continue to go to school here in San Francisco. "Once they graduate I'll head up to Weed with the rest of the staff," Jenny confided.

"It's a new chapter for NCG," explained NCG President and CEO Ellen LaPointe. "But this is what the Board brought me on to do--take us in a new direction. And the direction we're going is north."



Happy April Fool's Day!





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